Whats this?

On the market  are lot of tobacco flavoring products, but Shishasyrup is the only way to re-flavor steam stones.

It’s similar, but not the same…

You have probably seen some tobacco re-flavoring products and now you ask the question: Another one? Why?

shishasyrup_2016_2apples shishasyrup_2016_frozen-melody shishasyrup_2016_choco-mint

Firstly, there have been aromas sold for hookah steam stones, but Shishasyrup is the first product that makes it possible to re-flavor them.

Secondly, every factory has their favorite flavors and the ones we never really use, and after we bought them, we find it unnecessary.

So there is a need for a syrup that is of  high quality, that can be used universally (both for steam stones and tobacco), and that deals only with the flavors you really want.