When we started to think about making a steam stone we set a goal. It was to make special tastes.

We asked for aroma samples from the world’s best food-aroma manufacturers (14 factories) and we tested all of them for several months. Because of this process, we were able to choose the right aromas. Then we tested their strengths on a six level scale. Our supply is now done, but we are open to develop more aromas. There are several tastes which don’t exist in aromas but we’re still looking for the best way to achieve them. Some tastes have alcohol content and others are simply not enough qualitative for our brands. In the end of the year 2012 we would like to expand our supply to 40-45 flavours.

Until that time, we rather have fewer aromas, but they have stronger and fruiter tastes than what we are used to. We are talking about pleasure goods, so they better be enjoyable.

There are several kinds with the sweet taste of muscatel, the creamy taste of yoghurt and vanilla and the coolness of mint. All tastes are creamy, fresh and fruity. Shisharoma and Shishasyrup don’t contain any alcohol so they can be consumed without an age limit.

Here is our current list of tastes:

  1. 2 apples
  2. apple green
  3. apricot
  4. banana
  5. berry mint
  6. blue mint
  7. blue NRG drink
  8. blueberry
  9. cherry
  10. cherry + cola
  11. choco + mint
  12. chocolate
  13. cho-co-rum
  14. coconut
  15. exotic mix
  16. frozen apple
  17. frozen cranberry
  18. frozen mango
  19. frozen maracuja
  20. frozen melody
  21. frozen pa-na-ma
  22. frozen papaya
  23. grape-berry
  24. muscat grape
  25. grape-mint
  26. grapes black
  27. Gumiberry juice
  28. jamaican cherry
  29. melon
  30. mint
  31. peach
  32. pina colada
  33. pineapple
  34. plum
  35. raspberry
  36. rum-cola
  37. strawberry
  38. tropic
  39. vanilla
  40. virginia honey
  41. watermelon