Hookah Aroma – Hookah Syrup – ShishaSyrup

If it matters what you smoke….

ShishaSyrup is the first, high quality hookah aroma that was specifically made for hookah minerals (so far). As it doesn’t contain either molasses, or sugar, or honey, it won’t plug the micro pores of the hookah stone, so you can re-flavor your mineral many times.


  • for hookah stones
  • for naturally dry tobacco
  • for dried up hookah tobacco
  • for semi-finished hookah tobacco
  • for vaporizers

shishasyrup_2016_grape-berry shishasyrup_2016_berry-mint shishasyrup_2016_strawberry shishasyrup_2016_cherry

Outstanding, and constantly supervised quality

  • With pharmacy-quality glycerin.
  • Good brands, exclusively European, hand-picked flavors by intense scent-masters
  • Sugar-free, honey-free (doesn’t burn / won’t plug the hookah stone)


  • Pour ShishaSyrup under the ShishAroma hookah stone, let it stand for a few minutes, and then shake it.
  • Pour it on the tobacco or other plant cuts, and wait until it absorbs the ShishaSyrup.


ShiyhaSyrup (Hookah syrup) is a new product on the hookah market, with which you can experience a premium quality hookah aroma.

shishasyrup_2016_grape-mint shishasyrup_2016_blueberry shishasyrup_2016_mint shishasyrup_2016_coconut

And a few things about hookah aromas:

What makes tobacco good or bad? Most significantly the aroma added to the tobacco.  As there are many manufacturers, there are lots of different recipes (secret or not), and types of elaboration nowadays, but there hasn’t been a prominent direction on the hookah aroma market so far. Aroma doesn’t specifically mean liquid ingredients; the taste of hookah tobaccos is determined by the combination of ingredients mixed with the tobacco. The following ingredients are usually mixed with tobaccos:

You can buy aromas from hookah shops with proper supplies. There are two types of hookah aromas: fresheners and flavors. While you mix fresheners with tobaccos that are already flavored (to make their taste and smoke like when you bought them), you use flavors with unflavored tobaccos and minerals (hookah stones), to make them taste like you want them to. Although ShishaSyrup is suitable for both purposes, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

shishasyrup_2016_black-grape shishasyrup_2016_watermelon shishasyrup_2016_green-apple shishasyrup_2016_frozen-papaya